Monday, January 11, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies!!

Last Friday I started selling Girl scout cookies. I asked my teacher Miss Barlow if she wanted to order some Girl scout cookies! She said "yes"!! Then I asked my science teahcer Mrs.Weelock and she said yes too!! Then my friend Brooke said if she can buy a couple of cookies and I said yes . She asked her mom if she could and she said yes!! When we started selling(ordering)cookies on Friday my dad took this huge order form to his work and it`s already half way done!! But at school I am still trying to ask people but it`s alot of work I tell you alot of work!!!!!! So if you want to order some girl scout cookies you can!!!!!! The cookies cost four dollars each!!!! If you don`t know what cookie you want just get all of them!!!! Just kidding!! My favorite cookie is mostly all of them!!! But not the carmel dilites though. I don`t like coconut. Bye!!! You can order some cookies today!!!! It`s Cookie Time!


RachelV said...

We are going to order some. I'm not sure exactly what kind yet. Most likely the ones you don't like, the carmel delights and probably the thin mint ones. So put us down for one box of each for now.

When you find out what store you will be selling them at, we'll come and buy some more.

Lexi said...

Isabella!!!! I cant believe you dont like my favorite kind!! I love carmel delights!!

I love you =)