Thursday, May 13, 2010

3D Ultrasound Pictures

Baby Boy

Both babies heads by eachother

Baby Girl

Tonight we went to Womb with a View to get a peek at our babies in 3d! It was totally awesome! Our little girl wanted her picture taken more. She is too cute. Her little hand was up by her head the whole time. I guess that is the little hand I feel poking me all the time! Our little boy was hiding behind his sister almost the entire time! Luckily he pushed her out of the way for a couple of shots of his own. He looked so cute too! I am amazed at how good they looked for only being 23 weeks along. I guess I just thought they would look more like little aliens....but nope...just cute little babies! I love that we got a picture of both their little heads in one shot. So glad we got to see them and that they are doing so well!

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