Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ultrasound Pics!

I took Isabella with me to my doctor appt. this morning. She was very excited to see the babies moving all around on the ultrasound. I couldn't take Quino because he has been sick but when I got home he couldn't wait to see the pics. He is so sweet when he sees their pictures. I love seeing his reaction! The babies are getting so big! Its amazing how much they grow in just 2 weeks. We got a great pic of both the babies heads in one shot. That's my favorite. Both the babies are doing great! Hopefully we will be able to find out what sex they are in a couple weeks. I cant wait to go shopping!


RachelV said...

You are getting really good ultrasound pictures! Lucky! They are getting big!

I can't wait to buy baby girl things . . . or boy things, but girl things are cuter to me.

RachelV said...

Sam says:
Awesome pictures of the babies.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. I can tell they are getting bigger. It will be so exciting to know what they are-boy or girl? Then let the shopping begin!!
Love, Mom